Real World Training
If the smallest and weakest cannot do it, we don't teach it. Easy to Learn, Easy to Apply, Easy to remember
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Weapon defense
We train you to defend against all weapon attacks - Sharp objects such as knives, blunt/impact weapons like pipes, ballistic weapons such as firearms and rifles
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Qualified Instructors
We have a team of certified from Israel under IKI (Israeli Krav International) instructors, ready to train you how to stay safe.
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Great Training Venues
We have training schools situated in various parts of the country, just waiting for you to join.
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Team of Professional
Krav Maga Instructors

All our instructors are qualified and certified under Israeli Krav International in Israel, under the mentorship of 7th Dan Master Moshe Katz

Contact us and meet them in person at the at various training venues around the country. You can sign up for private lessons too for that extra training if so desired.

we are powerful

The principles and skills to respond with confidence

Learn Principles that you can apply for any situation. Learn Techniques that are easy to apply and easy to remember. No fancy show boating, just effective mass motor skills to get you home safe.
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Our Team of Instructors

Meet the people who are involved in teaching you how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Our instructors are qualified under Moshe Katz, founder and CEO of Israeli Krav International (IKI)

Grandmaster Moshe Katz

Head Instructor - Israeli Krav International (IKI)

Meet the CEO and founder of our style of Krav Maga

FH Havinga

CEO, Head Instructor

Our head instructor and CEO of Righteous Warrior Krav Maga

Upcoming Seminars

Join us for our next Seminar coming up in 2021, where you can meet 7th Dan black belt, Master Moshe Katz and receive training from the master himself. There will be a full day of training as well as two evening sessions, Don't miss out!!