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Growing up in a hostile environment the need arose for FH to defend himself. He was introduced to a Bruce Lee movie by his cousin, this inspired him to enter into the world of Eastern Martial Arts (Japanese and Chinese) as a means of self-defence. After more than ten years of practicing martial arts and being exposed to various forms he discontinued it due to personal and religious reasons. He did his compulsory military service and afterwards studied in the fields of Theology, Psychology and the Paramedical field.

He was actively involved as a Trauma therapist for the emergency services, metropolitan police and the South African police service (hostage negotiation teams) as a specialized volunteer. In 1997 he was approached by the South African Police Service to join a specialised investigative unit, where he is still involved as a specialized reservist; in the training and supporting of detectives and members of the SAPS. He continues working with the traumatised individuals on a daily basis.

Being confronted with trauma and crime on a regular basis, he realized that civilians, individuals, groups, families and organizations are desperately in need of a self-defence system that is realistic, easy to learn and reality based. Eastern martial arts will just not cut it for the average person on the street. It was in his search for a suitable system that he was introduced to Krav Maga.

After practicing and observing various schools of Krav Maga, he decided on Israel Krav International's system as it is (in his opinion) the most effective and simplistic system in the Krav Maga community, Keeping up with the worldwide trends to defend against violent attacks. In the words of Master Moshe Katz: "The Israeli Krav International system, is the perfect system for imperfect people."

FH Havinga fully embraced IKI due to its philosophy, values and principles. He believes that each person should fulfill his God given purpose on earth and change his generation in his lifetime.

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